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GRSG is a space for timeless stories that we believe can help us build our own thoughts about Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

GRSG is made to be collaborative and is all about curation, so this can become the home for unforgettable stories.

Today there are infinite content on the internet and we wanted to created a safe place for the good ones.

Before adding anything on GRSG, these are the questions we ask ourselves and we ask our collaborators:

  1. Will this content be up to date within 5,10,15 years?
  2. Is this content helping me understand something about Business, Leadership and Entrepreneurship?
  3. Would I send this article to the most important people of my personal and professional network?

If we respond YES to each of these, we believe that we are good to go and share this content.

If you, like us, care about how we treat content today and always wanted a safe space to find curated and true content, you’ve “Gotta Read Something Good”!


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